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Turning a Negative into a Positive
Jodi King's Interior Decorating Solutions for rooms with high ceilings

Many of the newer homes are designed with high ceilings that look great in the model home, but when people move into their non-furnished, white-walled home, the ceilings can become overwhelming not to mention a huge design challenge.

A common mistake that people make is to furnish their home without considering the height of the room. The result is the room appears off balance. Additionally, using the wrong colors can make a large room appear cold and boring.

The key to good interior design is to embrace the architectural features of the home. High ceilings make the room look grand - go with it. Draw the eye to the grandness of the room and you will have a room that causes people to say "Wow!"

 The biggest challenge with this room was, guess?!? Yes, the high ceiling. Here's what we did to make it work, and tips you can use for your design.

Paint an accent wall. Big rooms with high ceilings need darker colors for balance and warmth.  Originally, all of the walls in the Wong's living room in the painted in a light neutral tone. Jodi King recommend they paint a rich earth-tone color for the accent wall behind the TV. This was done to add interest and make the room feel more inviting by drawing the eye into the room.  

Avoid light colored floors. Dark color floors provide an anchor for rooms with high ceilings. Use a dark color wood to warm up the room and balance the light colored walls and the massive windows. The result is a more luxurious look for the grand scale of the room.

Use overstated furniture. The exaggerated size of the sofas compliments the large room.  Conversely, small-scaled furniture would be engulfed by the large space.

Draw the eye upward. The wall space above the fireplace is curved and it is not conducive for hanging art pieces. Jodi King's solution was to install three large decorative pendant lights that compliment the space.  

Create a bridge between the floor and the ceiling. There should be a seamless transition from the floor to the ceiling. Furnishings, artwork, lighting and accessories should be layered to create interest by emulating hills and valleys

Curtains significantly enhance the grandness of a room by adding texture, color and a direct bridge between the ceiling and the floor. Notice how the purple color in the fabric draws your eye up? If the purple was on the bottom half of the curtain instead of the top the eye would be drawn to bottom part of the room, and the interior décor would not be balanced to the scale of the room.



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